Marc Becker

Marc Becker

Marc Becker

Becker is the principal of marcbeckerphotography.com.

Marc’s interest in photography started early when his life long friend’s father – a photo enthusiast introduced him to the magic and mystery of what is now becoming a disappearing art. That being the shooting, processing and printing of your own film.

Those early experiences took root and Marc attended NYU School of the Arts to study photography and film. At the completion of four years he worked in public and commercial television as a public relations photographer where the diverse needs of a major NYC television station exposed him to several disciplines of photography.

As an NAEB award winning photographer his work in journalism, performance and culture earned him recognition among his peers. His photos were used in on air promotions, show openings, and were printed in newspapers and magazines.

He opened his own business continuing to photograph for television and private production companies. As the world began to go digital his interest in technology grew and he sought ways to expand his business to multi-media productions.

That love of multi-media continues today in Marc’s use of photography and video in promotion and social media.

Currently, as an expert photographer and photojournalist covering New York City’s real estate scene he has written and published thousands of blogs, photographs and web videos.

He is the creator and publisher of the NYC Network Group’s social network website – recognized locally and nationally as a source of New York City real estate news.

The top ranked NYC Network Group at NYCNetworkGroup.com offers companies and individuals a collaborative experience where they can find news, events, leads -brand themselves and their companies and then participate with associate members to get information, and new business.

My love of photography started as a child and today I am still in love – I see with the camera’s eye – it has become mine and through it I have always found beauty, peace, and harmony.

My greatest reward has been and continues to be the chance to share what I see in my camera with the people who often don’t understand how beautiful they really are.

With great joy,
Marc Becker